Welcome to Chia Soon Kelong

About us

Pasir Gogok is a fishing village located at southeast of Johor, behind Pulau Tekong.

It can be accessed from Singapore via boat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal (next to Changi Village) to Tg Pengelih Jetty, a custom/immigration post. This is about 16 km (by sea) and 80 km (by land)  from Singapore.  The boat ride takes around one hour fifteen minutes (may vary with boat speed).  After immigration clearance, it would take another twenty minutes by boat to reach Chia Soon Kelong off Pasir Gogok village.

Chia Soon Kelong welcomes visitors all year round.  It is not affected by the monsoon season as the kelong is in sheltered waters surrounded by islands.  At times, you may see coast guards from both countries plying the river way within their territory, patrolling and maintaining security in the area. 

It is a great tranquil getaway from the bustle of city life.  Taking in raw beauty of Mother Nature and relax your mind and body to the music of the waves.

The nostalgic place to;
  • Rest and relax 
  • New experiences 
  • Learning/ bonding with your children
  • Short getaway and fishing trip
  • Organise family outing, friends gathering, company retreat or church group etc