Welcome to Chia Soon Kelong


History overview

Chia Soon Kelong is situated offshore from Pasir GoGok - Johor, near to Pengerang.  The traditional family orientated business was founded by Mr Tam Ka Sin, a Hakka Chinese man.

The History of this kelong business dated back to early 1942 where its main operation was net fishing and fish farming.  Back then, fresh fishes from the kelong were supplied to the former Kangka fishery, and then the Ponggol Fishery port.  Both fishery ports have since been demolished due to the need for urban development.

The catch from the sea gradually decreased due to environmental factors, while the operation and maintenance cost of the kelong continued to increase.  As a result, the kelong started to welcome visitors on board starting from the year 1987.  The kelong has been expending in its floor area over the years.  Partition rooms have been increased from 3 to 8 and a floating platform has been added for visitors to organise games, fishing, BBQ and other activities.

Interesting trivial

To date, Chia Soon is among one of the reputable fishery merchants to trade the rearing towards Singapore's Senoko Fishery Port situated at Woodlands.  In the past, woman are not allowed on the kelong due to traditional believes but in the modern age today, the believe have been abolished.  Kelong maintenance is done once a year. Old stilts and tree trunks are being removed and replaced to ensure the stability and safety of our visitors and tourists.  Meals on the Kelong is a delightful experience for all seafood lovers, with food ranging from steamed fish, crab ,prawn to BBQ sambal stingray and squids.  Nothing beats the Chia Soon seafood porridge that is cooked with slices of barracudas, squids, prawns, silver fishes etc.  The freshly caught seafood from the kelong adds a wonderful flavour to the porridge.